MegaChef Buffet Server & Food Warmer With 4 Removable Sectional Trays , Heated Warming Tray and Removable Tray Frame

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This large capacity buffet server and warming tray offer you the ability to serve food that may be warmed in the stainless steel containers or on the warming tray, which is the base of the unit.

The warming tray comes with hard mounted side handles to ensure that you can easily transport your buffet server from one location to another without worry. The portable food warmer is safe to use on your kitchen counters or serving tables.

For added protection, this unit features 4 bottom legs, which provide spacing between your surfaces and the buffet server. In addition to the large capacity stainless steel food warming containers, you’ll also have the option of using the base warming tray to keep sauces, appetizers and much more warmed up, by using the large base warming tray.

All in all, this unit will have you covered from the beginning of your party to the very end!


  • Heating Base Tray: 2.2 H × 14.5” W × 25.5” L (inches).
  • Heating Base Tray Warming Surface:14 W × 20.75” L (inches)
  • Food Container Base Tray Frame: 20.75 L × 14.75 W (inches)
  • Two Large Capacity Containers: 12.75 L × 7 W × 2.5 H (inches)
  • Two Medium Capacity Containers: 6.5 L × 7 W × 2.5 H (inches)
  • Two Clear Large Capacity Container Lids.
  • Two Clear Medium Capacity Container Lids.

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