Bedford Collection 25 Inch Wall Clock With Pendulum And Chime In Dark Redwood Oak Finish

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This Bedford wall mantel clock gives a unique appearance for your living space. This clock is made from dark redwood oak finished clear plastic case and gold-tone gently swinging pendulum.

The clock consists of a pendulum and four different chime modes which are used to produce a melodious series of ringing sounds.

Melodic chimes resound every hour.

This clock has an attractive dial with the Roman numerals and black spade hands to indicate the time.

The pendulum and chimes run on 4 standard 'AA’ batteries.

Has volume toggle.

Rich, gloss dial with polished brass inspired chapter ring accents. Clear plastic case and gold detail allows unobstructed viewing of the gently swaying pendulum.

The wood case is rich with details and includes a crown molding style. 

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